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In the Fall of 1988, as a freshman on the University of Alaska-Fairbanks campus, I signed up as a “non-partisan” voter, preferring to not be associated with a formal political organization. I became a student leader back then, promoting the University, and have lived and worked as a professional in this district pretty much ever since. I have worked within the Legislature during its formal sessions for 21 years now and have watched first-hand what sideways party politics routinely do to otherwise fair and reasonable measures.


Our world is too sophisticated for simple, binary thinking. Things are not simply black or white, blue or red, D or R. A political party is not the answer, nor should directions from one be followed without question. The large dominant political parties are, at this point, monetary machines existing to promote and extend the profitability of the party itself. It is time for Alaska to make a statement and question the “party” going on.


I am a moderate. I bring to the table some normal common sense, and level-headedness that will place Alaskans first, not a political party, not special interests, nor mandates from Outside. I know the nuts and bolts of our state government system and how it works very well. I am loyal to my community and to Alaska. THAT is my priority when serving us in the legislature.


I am the best candidate for this job. There is no “party” here. It is work. I will not accept per diem, nor the perks others embrace, nor be motivated to develop the resume of a family dynasty.


I support term limits. This is a public service and a civic obligation, for which I am compelled to offer my services as the most qualified. I ask for the honor of your vote and will serve this district and Alaska effectively and proudly.

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