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The two-party system controls everything. For example, it is the two-party system that drew the latest election district map lines, and who created the rules for getting elected. Those rules make it difficult for anyone outside of their parties to even be on the ballot, let alone be elected.


In order to be on the ballot and not affiliate myself with a political party, I was required to petition, to gather signatures from voters within District 4, residents living in the Fox, Goldstream, Farmers Loop, College, and Ester areas. I was handily successful in collecting well over the minimal number of supporting voters’ signatures. Many thanks to those individuals who supported me thus far, simply allowing me the right and opportunity to be the ballot. I’m encouraged by hearing from more and more local residents who would offer their signature as well, even after the petition process has been completed.


The next step is to request some modest assistance in funding a media campaign. Not only do the major parties control the election process, but a great deal of statewide and Outside money funneled to party-sponsored candidates. The financial disparity is staggering. The costs of signage, printing, postage, and especially radio and television advertising can be daunting.


It should not cost tens of thousands of dollars to run an effective election campaign in Alaska, particularly with the tools available via the Internet. Nor should a campaign be won by whomever has or spends the most money. I intend to demonstrate that a successful campaign can be run very frugally. Nonetheless, I would appreciate any financial assistance you may wish to contribute for this cause. If I can avoid spending any money, I will. Contrary to the norm, if I receive more money than I need for direct campaign costs, I will be donating it all to a new local Fairbanks charity that deserves more attention: OurTwoCents, Inc. helping local Fairbanks residents in need. Learn more about their work at:

Campaign contributions can be mailed to me. Click here for the campaign mailing address. Campaign donations may also be conveniently made online via Paypal at:


Personal contributions may not exceed $500, and must include your name, mailing address, occupation and employer for required reporting purposes. 

I appreciate your consideration. If a financial contribution toward my election effort or the local efforts of OurTwoCents is currently beyond your means, I would in any event kindly request the honor of your vote on November 6.

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